Charlie Driscoll Award

Rev. Charlie Driscoll was a criminal defense attorney who later in life became a Catholic priest and co-founder of Dismas House New Mexico.  The award in his name is given to a supporter in the legal community who embodies the characteristics of advocacy, compassion, and faith in action, as well as a steadfast commitment to Dismas House New Mexico and our residents.

During the 1970s, Fr. Charlie Driscoll was a defense attorney who represented some of Albuquerque’s most unpopular clients. His zealous representation of his clients was legendary, including his court-stopping protests of judges’ rulings. He believed in his clients — he believed in second chances. He possessed a refined sense of fairness and justice, and a high level of commitment to underprivileged, often marginalized individuals. He did all of this in an era when no public defender’s office existed, and was paid less than a living wage, even 40 year ago. After a successful legal career, Charlie answered his calling to the priesthood, where he served his faith communities with the same passion and fervor he did as an attorney. Fr. Charlie Driscoll was also one the founders of Dismas House New Mexico, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting motivated ex-offenders as they strive to re-enter society successfully, with lives changed by compassion.

Previous award winners include:

Year Award Recipient
2012 State Senator Bill O’Neill
2011 Mary Han
2010 Gail Chasey
2009 Professor Robert Desiderio, Esq.
2008 Mr. Donald Martinez, Esq.
2007 Ms. Hanna Best
2006 Mr. Mark Fidel
2005 Ms. Barbara Bergman
2004 The Honorable Linda Vanzi
2003 Ms. Helen Bennett, Esq.
2002 Ms. Lisa Simpson, Esq.
2001 Mr. Michael Keleher, Esq.
2000 Mr. Peter Cubra
1999 Mr. David Kelsey
1998 Mr. Michael Hart
1997 Ms. Nancy Holleden
1996 The Honorable Martha Vasquez

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