Our Program

The Dismas House Transitional Program is a structured 90-day, progress-oriented curriculum that moves its residents through a series of supportive steps that assist in a successful re-entry into society.

The first step in the program includes a detailed orientation in the policies and procedures that define Dismas House’s supportive culture, as well as a guided self-examination of personal history, circumstances and needs.  This process is supplemented by a series of workshops and group counseling sessions.  The program also provides job development support, life skills, housing development, family counseling and after-care plans.

The Dismas House Transitional Re-Entry Program consists of the following elements:

  • An in-depth personal assessment process that includes self-examination of personal history, circumstances and needs;
  • Education into the nature of addictions, including the long-term health effects of substance abuse on the mind and body;
  • Relapse prevention awareness;
  • 12-Step, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous support groups;
  • Motivational counseling group sessions geared toward encouraging pro-social attitudes, behaviors and responsibilities;
  • Individualized case management that includes educational opportunities, job development, life skills, housing options, family counseling and health-care referrals;
  • After-care services provide graduating residents with the support system needed to maintain meaningful employment and ultimately provide graduating residents a place in society that is peaceful and productive.

These elements build a comprehensive support system that empowers each resident to face their life squarely and make the changes needed.  These changes empower the resident to achieve a healthier lifestyle that benefits not only the individual but their families and society.

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