About Us

Dismas House is a beacon of hope and safe passage for adults transitioning from jail or prison into society. Over the years, we have helped over 1,500 returning citizens to transition successfully into society. With the generous help of the community, we have been able to expand and enrich our program for current and future residents.

Our program is unique in that we (1) only operate residential homes, employ a family-oriented approach, and have volunteers cook and share dinner with our residents four nights a week, and (2) are installing a state of the art, evidenced-based occupational therapy program model, Second Chances.

Our approach is innovative, experienced- and evidence-based, and highly successful.

In New Mexico, 50% of parolees will commit a new felony and return to prison within three years of the release. In contrast, the recidivism rate for Dismas House graduates is 10%. An investment in Dismas House makes “people sense.” We don’t guarantee success, but we do “plant seeds” and promise our residents an opportunity of a lifetime.

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